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What is the additional cost for rush orders?

If you need your purchase less than 96 hours, that will be considered a rush order. Website Design Digital Stylz charge an between $800 or more if you would like your website done within 7 days. Graphic Design

  • Business cards, flyer design, logo design
    • within (48-96 hours): $35.
    • within (24 hours or less): $55
  • Presentations
    • within (48-96 hours): depens on the number of slides
    • within (24 hours or less): We do not offer rush orders on presentations that is needed less than 24 hours.

Do you print?

We do not print any projects. However, I do provide the files which are print ready. This is beneficial because you can print as many qauntities as you need, at your convience. If you need help finding a printing company, I can assist. If your preferred printing company has special instructions for their prints, please let me knoe before we begin.

Web Design

What is the web design process?

  1. Consultation- This meeting can be in person, over the phone, or zoom meeting. If you decide to select us to design your website we will send you an email with a list of everything we need before we begin the Creative Phase.
  2. Creative Phase- Digital Stylz will not start this process until the Website Design Agreement is signed and 50% of the design fee is received ​​through Paypal or Cashapp. During this phase please email pictures and design details.
  3. Development Phase- During this phase we will be asking for your feedback. You will be able to sign into your account and view your unpublished website. Please send feedback to digitalstylz@gmail.com.
  4. Launch Phase- During this phase we test your website and once we are done we will push your site live.

What does the web design cost include?

Digital Stylz only include the design fee when designing websites. We ensure all of our client's buy their domain names and pay the subscription for the platform we create their web design on so he/she can have complete ownership and access.

This allow our clients to have the choice to update their own website or someone else if they choose to. We take pride in giving our clients the freedom they deserve. Majority of our clients have had horrible experiences with web and graphic designers that took advantage of them by having complete ownership of their domain and account.

Will I be able to make updates to my site once completed?

Once the design is complete, I transfer the web design over to you so you have full control. We will complete a one-hour "how-to" session. If you ever need updates or a website revamp in the future, and you feel that the revisions are a little too complex, I can give you a custom quote based on the changes that need to be made.

Graphic Design

What is the graphic design process?

  1. Consultation-This meeting can be in person, over the phone, or zoom meeting. If you decide to select us to create your graphic design, we will send you an contract to sign then an ivoive to your email.
  2. Craetive Phase- Once the contract is signed and your payment is recieved, we will begin the Creative phase. This is when we do our research.
  3. Development- This is where we development 3 drafts for you to evaluate. Once you select the design you like the most you will have 3 revisions. After the included revisions, additional revisions will be based on my hourly rate of $65/hr.
  4. Production & Completion- The final design we be sent to your email.

How will I receive graphic designs once the project is completed?

We will send files to the email you provided to Digital Stylz.


Can I cancel?

Oh no! Deposits are non-refundable. If we have started design work for your brand, I will review the work that has been completed so far, and you will be invoiced at my hourly rate of $65/hr.


How do Digital Stylz calculate the deposit?

Website Designs

  • Deposits are 50% of the total cost, and are due on the start date.
Graphic Design
  • Full price is due if the total is less than $100
  • Deposits are 50% of the total cost if the project is more than $100, and are due on the start date.


How do you accept payments?

Invoices will be sentfor you to make you paymennt through Paypal. However, we do accept payments through Cashapp. Please let us know how you would like to make ypur payments.

  • Paypal (digitalstylzllc@gmail.com)
  • Cashapp (803-415-6989)


How do I start the process?

You can Book A Consultation through the website, email us, or call.

What will the turnaround time be on my project?

Turnaround times can be anywhere from 3 to 10 weeks depending on the project type. We will discuss estimated completion times and deadlines for deliverables before we begin.

What do you need from me?

Content - If you're requesting a web design, you'll be preparing text and sending over professional photos that are both needed. Communication - We'll be in touch throughout the branding process.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

I would love to work with you! Fill out my client intake form here, and we will reach out to schedule a complimentary 15 minute call. During this call we will discuss the services you want and see if we are a good fit for your web and graphic needs.

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