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Digital Stylz specializes in creating quality brand identities and web designs to advertise, market and engage the core audience. It’s important that you begin claiming your digital territory to build credibility with your consumers, streamline your ability to sell products, book appointments and post updated content. Did you know 5.6 BILLION people surfing the web each day?

Business Name

When coming up with a business name, it’s important to choose a name that is both unique and memorable. To ensure that you get the perfect name for your business, we suggest you follow these steps:

  • First, jot down all your ideas for potential business names. If you’re having trouble coming up with the perfect name, we can provide you with the necessary creative and research assistance.

  • Second, search your business name on Google, and research what pops up. Also, don't forget to search social media platforms you would use for your business. If you find a company with a similar name, it’s best to move on to your next option.

  • Third, check with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to make sure that the name you’ve chosen isn’t trademarked, as this could lead to legal issues.

  • Fourth, check domain availability on Wix.

By following these steps, you can be sure to find the perfect name for your business.


A website's domain name is like a street address for the internet. It points to a specific location on the web so that users' web browsers can connect to the website. Make sure the house you want is vacant before you start making plans to move in. You can check domain availability through your platform provider or online. Purchase 1 year or 2 year domain. (This is a yearly plan. This gives you 100% ownership of your domain.)

Business Email

Most business owners create a Gmail for their business first and they use this email for their logins to different accounts. Once you purchase your domain I recommend purchasing a business email to build trust and credibility with your target audience.

  • Google Account Login- If you don't have one, create a Google Account. If you purchase your business email through Google or Wix you can skip this step.

  • Business Email- Create a business email after you purchase your domain.

I will use this information to list your business on Google.



In website development there are multiple platforms to choose from. Whether you’re a small business owner, artist, photographer, writer or consultant, there's a website builder out there for you. Please send over the following information:

  • Username

  • Password

  • Please reach out if you are unsure which plan to select.

If you do not feel comfortable with sending this information grant access to or



All logo files must be a high quality transparent or vector(svg, pdf, ai, eps). Logos are the cornerstone of branding, so remember that they're better done right than done rushed. Please include the logo in color, and in black and all white.

Social Media Links

Provide links to all of the platforms you use to market your business.

Color Palette + HEX Codes

We need your brand color palette and exact hex codes to ensure the branding is cohesive. If you do not have the hex codes, you should at minimum be able to provide the color palette.

Professional Photos

Photos must be high quality. Screenshots or pixelated photos will NOT be accepted. If you don’t have professional photos, I will utilize stock photos. 



All product photos, descriptions and inventory count will need to be submitted. This should be a typed document. No screenshots of descriptions written on paper will be accepted.  You are the expert on your product, Digital Stylz will assist you with this at an additional price.


Along with the product photos/descriptions we will also need prices and price variations for different options.

  • Example: 2 different color options of the same shirt design have different prices. Red shirts are $20, and blue shirts are $30. I will need to know this so I'm able to set up these options.

Shipping Fees

You will need to submit how you would like your shipping fees to be set-up. 

  • Example: Flat Rate Shipping $10 or Free Shipping over $150 or if you would like your shipping to be based on location.

I will also need to be informed if you offer pick-up and delivery options.


Store Policies

We will need a detailed typed document of their store policies.

  • Example: Shipping, Processing, Refunds/Exchanges, etc.


All service photos, descriptions, and service price will need to be submitted. This should be a typed document. No screenshots of descriptions written on paper will be accepted. You are the expert on the services you provide, Digital Stylz will assist you with this at an additional price.


In order for Digital Stylz to setup your scheduling for courses or services we will need the following:

  • Staff Name

  • Availability

  • Email 

  • Phone

  • Picture



Create PayPal, Square, or Stripe business account or open up business bank account so we can set up your website to accept payments.

Contact Information

The businesses contact information. So that would be:

  • Phone number

  • Business email

  • Business location (If applicable)

  • Social media handles

Social Media Login

In order for me to link your social media like Instagram directly to their website, I will need the login information. If you are uncomfortable sending this information, I will provide information on how to do this step yourself!

  • Instagram Slider- Displays all of your Instagram post on your website

About Me/This Company

I will need a detailed typed up document about this company for this section. If you would like to use a specific photo for this , please provide the photo.

If you would like information about the CEO or team members please send the following information:

  • Name

  • Job Title

  • Bio

  • Picture

Photos must be high quality. Screenshots or pixelated photos will NOT be accepted. If you don’t have professional photos, I will utilize stock photos. 

Mission Statement

Your mission or mission statement aligns your people and aligns your organization, and it is what will help you accomplish your vision. Your mission statement, like all parts of your strategic plan, help you focus your team on what you need to work on, and what you don't need to work on.

Core Values

Core values are an individual or organization's fundamental beliefs and highest priorities that drive their behavior. Send the following:

  • a minimum of three core values

  • a brief description of each core value


I will need a detailed typed document of any Frequently Asked Questions.

Other Pages

Please type out page name and page information.


If you have any questions please send an email or book a consultation.

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